Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications. Declarative: Never again communicate with your data store using an imperative API. Simply declare your data requirements using GraphQL and let Relay figure out how and when to fetch your data. Colocation: Queries live next to the views that rely on them, so you can … [Read more…]


An attempt to gather all that is in flux in Swift. A compilation or collection, if you will. Source: ksm/SwiftInFlux


Polymer is an endpoint focused networking library for Objective-C and Swift that is meant to make interaction with REST webservices simple, fast, and fun! By treating the endpoints of a webservice as objects, it makes interaction more straightforward and readable while still leveraging and simplifying some of the amazing mapping technologies we’ve grown used to … [Read more…]


有一天你写代码写的头昏脑胀,bug 此起彼伏兴奋异常,你按下葫芦起了瓢,终于开始绝望。这时旁边的产品经理告诉你,去睡一觉就好了。等你睡醒之后发现,不仅 bug 依旧在,而且几度需求多。于是你觉得有必要放松一下,钓个螃蟹去吧。你拿了工具和诱饵,坐在河边等待螃蟹上钩。没想到螃蟹也很寂寞,看到诱饵来了同样此起彼伏,很快你就钓上来一只大螃蟹,你把它扔进桶里,螃蟹很不开心,开始奋力往桶外爬,你不得不盖上桶盖,还压了重物,确保螃蟹不会把桶盖顶开。很快,你又收获了两只螃蟹,你把它们扔进桶里,惊喜的发现,再也不用盖上桶盖了。几只螃蟹纠缠在一起,如果竟然有螃蟹试图爬出桶外,其他螃蟹就会死死拽住丫的大蟹腿,直到拽回桶底。再也不用担心螃蟹爬出来了!你开心的笑了,忘记了 bug 和需求! Source: 谁是你的羁绊? | MacTalk-池建强的随想录