Weave creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers deployed across multiple hosts and enables their automatic discovery. Source: weaveworks/weave


The data explorer is an open source point-and-click interface for querying and visualizing your event data. Source: keen/explorer


The way to build a great anything — a product, a company, a book, a blog, an app, a service, a movie, anything — is not to obsess over not making mistakes. That leads to paralysis. Try to avoid mistakes, sure. But recognize that you’ll inevitably make some, and create a culture and work ethic … [Read more…]


Settings screen composing framework Quick and easy way to make a settings screen. Source: DavdRoman/Bohr


Manage an S3 website: sync, deliver via CloudFront, benefit from advanced S3 website features. Source: laurilehmijoki/s3_website