Most applications show lists of content (data sets), which many turn out to be empty at one point, specially for new users with blank accounts. Empty screens create confusion by not being clear about what’s going on, if there is an error/bug or if the user is supposed to do something within your app to … [Read more…]


allow an application to perform speech recognition withouth the audio leave the device. Source: tryolabs/TLSphinx

Swift Interview Questions and Answers – Ray Wenderlich

You can use these questions to interview candidates to test their Swift knowledge, or test your own! And if you don’t know the answer, don’t worry: each question has a solution so you can learn. Source: Swift Interview Questions and Answers – Ray Wenderlich

Swift Diff library

The first thing (found in LCS.swift) is an algorithm that solves the Longest Common Subsequence problem. The second thing (found in TableViewDiffCalculator.swift) is, well, a diff calculator for UITableViews. Source: jflinter/Dwifft