Here’s how to validate website ATS compliance

This week I upgraded an older machine to the OS X 10.11 El Capitan GM Candidate. This means I can try the new NSCurl utility which has an ATS Diagnostic mode. Naturally I decided to see if it gave results that matched my expectations. The basic usage of NSCurl is as follows:$ nscurl –ats-diagnostics -v … [Read more…]

the Oxford Union – Formal Thursday Debates

Twelve British Prime Ministers have cut their teeth and honed their skills in our Debating Chamber, five of whom were also officers of the Society: our first was William Ewert Gladstone, and our most recent Tony Blair. David Cameron, Leader of the Opposition, is also a member, most recently addressing the Society in Trinity Term (Summer) 2008. We frequently play host to in excess of twelve Heads of State per … [Read more…]

第 4 次香港行

原本我對香港的印象是「好吃、好買、好逛、有幹勁又不失熱情」,但這次去有種「一點一點死掉」的心情。很像是個還沒爆炸的壓力鍋,即使繁華,但看不到未來。尤其站在街口望向天空,只看到兩旁高樓夾縫中一條線的灰藍色(香港空氣比台灣差),會有種被掐住脖子的窒息感。 Source: 第 4 次香港行 « 嫁給RD的 UI Designer


百度厦门开发者创业中心成立于2013年11月8日,是百度在全国范围内布局的第二个区域创业中心,中心所在地位于厦门岛东部的软件园二期,是厦门互联网企业最为密集的区域,中心使用面积1100平方米,共有200个办公位,可供12只中小型创业团队进驻孵化,中心成立以来还得到了厦门市政府的大力支持,给予创业团队在注册公司等行政事务上打开绿色通道。 Source: 百度开发者创业中心-城市详情(厦门)

How Apple Built 3D Touch

Apple’s faith in design helped make it the first company to reach a market cap of more than $750 billion. It also means that every few years it has to bet its future on the instincts of a few people with strong opinions about how things should work. Ive would rather be sentenced to life with … [Read more…]

Daring Fireball: De Facto Veto Power

As for how Apple can simply do what it wants, consider the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council: the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia. They each have veto power over any resolution. Critics complain that this veto power is undemocratic. Of course it is! These are the countries that won World … [Read more…]

Conway’s law

organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations Source: Conway’s law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia