C Callbacks in Swift

With Swift 2, it is now possible to do this fully natively in Swift. C function pointers are imported into Swift as closures. You can pass any Swift closure or function with matching parameters to code that expects a C function pointer – with one massive caveat: unlike closures, C function pointers don’t have the … [Read more…]

Docker简明教程 | Docket quick start

Docker自从诞生以来就一直备受追捧,学习Docker是一件很炫酷、很有意思的事情。我希望通过这篇文章能够让大家快速地入门Docker,并有一些学习成果来激发自己的学习兴趣。我也只是一个在Docker这条巨鲸上玩耍的小孩,全文如有不明确、不正确的地方,还请斧正。 Source: Docker简明教程 | saymagic’s blog


A simple UIKit extension to wrap the flexbox properties in regular UIView. This project is based on the robust Facebook’s C implementation of Flexbox. The goal is to have a small standalone UIKit library to layout elements. It doesn’t rely on the DOM model at all. Source: alexdrone/ios-flexboxkit