Reducing WatchKit Traffic With View Models

By using View Models the developer can create wrappers around their model objects, simplifying their extension architecture while at the same time reducing the network traffic sent from the phone to the watch. Source: Reducing WatchKit Traffic With View Models — theScore Tech Blog

Lessons on app marketing

Complete cold call but the story was right up his alley. He was interested but didn’t end up writing something. That happens — get over it! He did start reading the Tapity blog though (hint: in case you hadn’t noticed, the blog has been pretty key to my success). Journalists want good stories and if you become … [Read more…]


An experimental tool to enforce Swift style and conventions. Source: realm/SwiftLint


Code Issues 1 Pull requests 0 Wiki Pulse Graphs SSH clone URL You can clone with HTTPS, SSH, or Subversion. Clone in Desktop Download ZIP JSONExport is a desktop application for Mac OS X which enables you to export JSON objects as model classes with their associated constructors, utility methods, setters and getters in your … [Read more…]

Technical Note TN2232: HTTPS Server Trust Evaluation

If this trust evaluation fails, the client refuses to connect. This can happen for a variety of reasons, some benign—the server might be using a self-signed certificate, an intermediate certificate is missing, and so on—and some malicious—the server is an impostor, looking to steal the user’s data. This document describes the reasons why server trust … [Read more…]