Embedding app in a browser

  Online web based iOS Simulators and Android Emulators. Stream mobile apps in the browser with html5 and javascript. This could be a good way to virtualize iOS app testing. Source: Demo

利用 Google Fusion Table,不用寫 code 也可以產生主題地圖 « kuro’s Blog

那麼,拿到這份資料我們可以怎麼玩呢?剛好這份資料的格式是 CSV (Comma-Separated Values,一種由逗點分隔的純文字資料格式),所以本篇就來介紹如何透過 Google Fusion Table 來讓我們不必寫任何的 code ,也可以建立主題地圖。 Putting pins on Google Maps Source: 利用 Google Fusion Table,不用寫 code 也可以產生主題地圖 « kuro’s Blog

China invests £5.2bn in UK projects – BBC News

The modular plants take waste heat from power stations that will be used to warm water for king prawn farming. The UK currently imports king prawns. China. Invest. UK. Power Plant. King Prawn. Hmm. Source: China invests £5.2bn in UK projects – BBC News

How to fix a bad user interface – Scott Hurff

I’m Scott Hurff, and I love to help you build better products. I’m on the founding team of a Kleiner Perkins-backed mobile startup, created a course for designers to learn Quartz Composer, and I’m writing a book about how product designers work.   Look at that UI states illustration. Source: How to fix a bad … [Read more…]


  ded a || os(tvOS) to Alamofire’s MultipartFormData.swift. Apple TV example app. Source: artsy/Emergence

HSBC launches fintech innovation lab in Singapore, News, News, AsiaOne Business News

SINGAPORE – HSBC has launched a financial technology (Fintech) innovation lab in Singapore that enables the bank to work collaboratively with corporates in developing the next generation of digital and mobile banking services.The opening of the HSBC Singapore Innovation Lab is the first of such a dedicated and strategic space for the bank in Asia … [Read more…]

Debugging a Debugger

LLDB is the debugger that ships automatically with XCode. Everyhing you can do with LLDB is also available through a Python API so you can write python code to programmatically debug anything that you write using XCode, including C, Objective-C, Swift, and C++. Source: Debugging a Debugger