Do you have a GitHub project that is too big for people to subscribe to all the notifications? The mention bot will automatically mention potential reviewers on pull requests. It helps getting faster turnaround on pull requests by involving the right people early on. Source: facebook/mention-bot


A simple library to make authenticating tvOS apps easy via their iOS counterparts. Source: rsattar/Voucher

About Perfect | A Framework for Developing Web and REST Services in Swift

Perfect is a framework for developing web and other REST services in the Swift programming language. Its primary focus is on facilitating mobile apps which require backend server software, allowing you to use one language for both user-side and server-side development. It’s the perfect backbone for cloud and mobile technologies, developers can now write less … [Read more…]

React Native通信机制详解 « bang’s blog

React Native是facebook刚开源的框架,可以用javascript直接开发原生APP,先不说这个框架后续是否能得到大众认可,单从源码来说,这个框架源码里有非常多的设计思想和实现方式值得学习,本篇先来看看它最基础的JavaScript-ObjectC通信机制(以下简称JS/OC)。 Source: React Native通信机制详解 « bang’s blog

React 入门实例教程 – 阮一峰的网络日志

我学习 React 时,就很苦恼。有的教程讨论一些细节问题,对入门没帮助;有的教程写得不错,但比较短,无助于看清全貌。我断断续续学了几个月,看过二十几篇教程,在这个过程中,将对自己有帮助的 Demo 都收集下来,做成了一个库 React Demos 。 Source: React 入门实例教程 – 阮一峰的网络日志

“Convince Your Boss” Letter | Node.js

Want to attend Node.js Interactive happening in Portland from December 8-9, 2015, but don’t know how to bring it up to your boss (the person with the money)? We laid out a simple letter explaining why it is important. Use it in full or use snippets of it, whatever it takes to get you in … [Read more…]

Using FizzBuzz to Find Developers who Grok Coding | Imran On Tech

After a fair bit of trial and error I’ve come to discover that people who struggle to code don’t just struggle on big problems, or even smallish problems (i.e. write a implementation of a linked list). They struggle with tiny problems. Source: Using FizzBuzz to Find Developers who Grok Coding | Imran On Tech

Engineering Management

From late 2006 to early 2009, I was privileged to hold a variety of management positions in Facebook Engineering, ranging from manager of various teams to director of engineering. During that time, the engineering department grew from about 30 to around 200 engineers. It was an era that roughly spanned the launch of News Feed, … [Read more…]


The basic concept of this tool is simple file name based one-way synchronizer. While the actual translation work, My biggest desire was to just fill an empty strings quickly. In a normal project, automatic translation is sufficient. Because They are always simple sentences. Yes, No, Do it, Not agree, etc.. Source: metasmile/strsync

Taylor Swift 是怎麼被製造出來的? | 端傳媒 Initium Media

這一藝術,「主要由一小群製作人(主要是瑞典人)所壟斷,並將其發揮到極致。」其中一個例證就是,這些熱門金曲「每隔七秒──據說是人們在換頻道前留給一首歌的平均時間,就會出現精心設計好的片段,它們能擁有讓大腦愉悅的韻律、節奏,並有吸引人重複吟唱的能力。」 Source: Taylor Swift 是怎麼被製造出來的? | 端傳媒 Initium Media