Inspired by and based on commander.js, Vantage turns your live Node app into a CLI with an interactive prompt provided by inquirer.js. Accessible locally or remotely, Vantage lets you build your own API and import community extensions, introducing the possibility of live activity and diagnostics for your dev and prod environments. Source: dthree/vantage


Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects. Supports Xcode Server API of Xcode 6 and 7. Source: czechboy0/XcodeServerSDK

Scaling the Datagram Team – Instagram Engineering

  We operate a very lean team – only 20  engineers supporting Search, Explore, Trending, Account Suggestions, and Data Infrastructure – and have created a unique model that gives engineers end-to-end impact while working cohesively with the product and infrastructure teams. This post is about how we evolved into our team structure and lessons we … [Read more…]


Simulation of CamScanner app With Custom Camera and Crop Rect Validation. Edge detection. Source: mukyasa/MMCamScanner